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    ASPECS Methodology
       A quick overview of ASPECS
       System Requirements Analysis
       Agent Society Design
          Deployment Configuration
          Integration Test
       Comparisons with existing Agent-Oriented Methodologies
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Integration Test

Integration Test



Integration test is the final activity of the ASPECS process. This activity aims at verifying if the system effectively fulfils all requirements identified in the Domain Requirements Description activity (a great relevance is now given to verification of non functional requirements that hardly can be tested in the previous test activities). The purpose of integration testing is also to detect any inconsistency between the software units that are integrated together and among these units and the hardware on which they are deployed.


Domain Requirements Description work products are the major input of this activity.


The set of test cases and the associated test result logs.

Work to be done

Individual software modules like organizations and holons are tested as a single application according to the defined test cases.




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