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    ASPECS Methodology
       A quick overview of ASPECS
       System Requirements Analysis
       Agent Society Design
          Holon Architecture Definition
          Code Reuse
          Code Production of Organisations and Roles
          Organisations and Roles Unit Tests
          Code Production of Holons
          Holon Unit Tests
       Comparisons with existing Agent-Oriented Methodologies
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Holon Unit Tests

Holon Unit Tests



Holon Unit test is the second level of test in the ASPECS process. It aims at validating the global holon’s behaviour. A particular attention is paid to holon dynamics especially to rules governing holon creation, management (task attribution) and the process of members integration. Each holon is individually tested. External stimuli are emulated by external stub/drivers.


The Holarchy Design work product constituted the major input for designing holon test cases together with the specifications of requirements (as represented in the Organisation Identification and Interactions and Roles Identification activities).


A set of test cases (completed of oracles), stubs and drivers for tests execution, test result logs.

Work to be done

Necessary stubs and drivers have to be coded before performing these tests. After writing test cases and coding necessary support elements, tests can be performed and identified failures will lead to new iterations to fix related bugs.





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