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    ASPECS Methodology
       A quick overview of ASPECS
       System Requirements Analysis
       Agent Society Design
          Holon Architecture Definition
          Code Reuse
          Code Production of Organisations and Roles
          Organisations and Roles Unit Tests
          Code Production of Holons
          Holon Unit Tests
       Comparisons with existing Agent-Oriented Methodologies
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Organisations and Roles Unit Tests

Organisations and Roles Unit Tests


The approach used for Test in ASPECS consists in successively testing each context from the role (the smaller one) to the entire system.


This activity aims at testing behaviours that will be used to compose the system; this means individual behaviours represented by roles and global behaviours corresponding to organisations. Each role is individually tested. Stimuli from other roles defined on the same organisation and stimuli coming from the agent context through capacities are emulated (here the referred agent is the one that should play the role under test). This kind of test involves the definition of stubs and drivers like it happens in conventional object-oriented unit test. Each organisation is then instantiated in a runtime context called group. Each of its role is instantiated. This task consists in validating roles interaction scenarios inside an organisation, stimulus coming from agents contexts are emulated.


Two majors inputs are required for designing test cases: Organisation Identification and Interactions and Roles Identification work products.


A set of test cases (completed of oracles), stubs and drivers for tests execution, test result logs.

Work to be done

From the inputs artefacts it is possible to produce a set of test cases that can verify the obedience of the obtained roles and organisations to the prescribed specifications. Necessary stubs and drivers have to be coded before performing these tests. After writing test cases and coding necessary support elements, tests can be performed and identified failures will lead to new iterations to fix related bugs.





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