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          Code Reuse
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          Organisations and Roles Unit Tests
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       Comparisons with existing Agent-Oriented Methodologies
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Code Reuse

Code Reuse


A set of organisational patterns may have been used during the two previous phases especially for the OID (Organisation Identification) and IRI (Interactions and Roles Identification) activities and for the Holon Government identification task. This activity aims at integrating the code of these patterns inside the currently designed application. The phase also intends to provide a framework for reusing code of previous applications that can be reused in the current one.


The input of this activity is the description of the various organisational design pattern used in the previous activities together with the design performed in the Holon Architecture Definition activity.


The source code of adopted patterns.

Work to be done

Integrating pattern source code may require some adaptation work; for instance it is often necessary to adapt the managing of input values provided by the remaining part of the application to the reused code. If the source code associated to design patterns is not available, they are no more considered as patterns and they are coded and tested following the same process of the remaining part of the system.




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