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    ASPECS Methodology
       A quick overview of ASPECS
       System Requirements Analysis
       Agent Society Design
          Solution Ontology Description
          Communication Ontological Description
          Role Behaviour Description
          Protocol Description
          Organisation Dependencies Description
          Role Constraints Identification
          Holarchy Design
       Comparisons with existing Agent-Oriented Methodologies
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Protocol Description

Protocol Description



The aim of this activity is to define purpose-specific interaction protocols whose need may arise when the description of communications done during the COD (Communication Ontology Description) and SD (Scenario description) activities does not match any of the existing FIPA protocols.


Non-FIPA Interaction Protocols identified during COD and SD are detailed in this activity.


Interaction protocols are classically described by using an AUML sequence diagram[58] or similarly as done by FIPA specifications (see for instance [31]).

MAS Metamodel Elements


Work to be done

The designer starts from scenarios and the ontological description of communications in order to find the need for a new specific interaction protocol. If this is the case, then he can proceed to the definition of a new protocol that is compliant with the interactions described in scenarios and the semantics of the communication.

Methodological Guidelines

It is advisable to refer to the FIPA Interaction protocols library6 in order to see if a satisfying protocol already exists and if not, probably an existing one can be the basis for changes that can successfully solve the specific problem.




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